++Pilgrims in an (un)holy land++
or how even the annoyingly polite can't ruin what can only be described as perfection


We couldn't have drawn it up any better. Everything went right from start to finish (except for a few minor annoyances) Enough exposition though, I'm still in physical pain, so let's go to the tape:

Noon on Friday. Storch shows up with can't only be described as the pimpest, most perfect ride in the world. The Navy Blue Escalade ESV. Erections ensue.
We take our time loading the bitch up. Much beer is consumed and cigarettes smoked as we stand in Stov's driveway. The tone for the weekend is established.
This is a gratuitous shot of the backup camera from inside the 'slade. As you back up, well you get the idea. The huge nerd in me met my inner schoolgirl, and thus the picture.
We arrive is South Bend to the House that Jesus built. The owner's are so nice that we immediately feel guilty with the knowledge of what will happen there this weekend. We throw flags everywhere, purchase a keg and start drinking heavily.
After a half an hour walk to some shitty, empty bar, we finally find our home for the night: Corby's. Its cheap and filled with ND fans, which is all we ask. Stov is mocking the guy he's standing next to without him knowing it. A thing of beauty
The most tenuous 10 minutes of the evening involve some drunk dudes who seemingly wanted to fight.We somehow made it out unscathed. I'm not sure if Boike's finger is directed at me or them, but I'm also not sure it matters. I bet one of them $100 on the game the next day. I put his name in my phone as 'Shithead'.
Not sure what this picture is supposed to be of, but best guess is one of the three times Storch puked in the bar. He later is passed out on the picnic table. We yell at him, he gives us the Utley. Its time to go.
Stov was the big winner of the weekend with his 'Charlie Weiss Should Probably Eat Less' T-Shirt. Its close to noon here on Saturday. Very close to drunk already.
Knowing I'm already going to burn in hell, I tempt fate with the Virgin Mary. The creepy factor inside the house was a 10.
Brian met a few dudes on the internet who needed a place to stay. We had the room and wanted the cash, so these were the Jersey guys. As obnoxious alcoholics, they fit right in.
An obligatory group shot with the giant Madonna of the Rocks staue in the backyard. Butterflies are gathering in my stomach.
We send an advance team to the bar while others hang back and wait for everyone to show up. Michigan fans abound. ND fans refuse to give us an appropriate level of smack talk.
The Stovbakers in a bar wearing maize and blue. Also known as the 'default setting.'
Stov's ND counterpart 'Get on the Chuck Wagon.' Good lord Charlie Weiss is fat. Its almost as good as the gay Jim Tressel.
Brian and I in the Stadium. This has to be sometime in the fourth quarter because we're finally smiling and relaxed. The feeling will last for sometime. We start to wonder what will go wrong in our loves, because right now, everything is perfect.
Obligatory scoreboard shot number one: Note Michael Hart's 124 yards and the pissed of look I'm getting from ND fans near the bottom of the shot. We walked all the way around the endzone to get the shot. I think they saw us coming and weren't happy about it.
Oblig shot #2: Manningham 137 and 3 TDs. Welcome to the new math, 86=1.
Pete as Captain Michigan. I had basically stopped caring about the camera at this point, but didn't want to miss Pete's legendary performance.
2am Saturday. I had decided to walk home from the bar by myself. An hour and a half later I was on the South side of South Bend and absolutely clueless as to how to get home. I finally find some guys hanging out on the porch who laugh at me when I tell them I'm trying to get to St. Vincent at St. Louis. They offer me beer and a ride back there. I am eternally grateful. This is jon sleeping in my bed when I got home. I have no idea why I took this. I do know that after walking SB for what seemed like an eternity, I was still happy.


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