++Debauchery at its Finest++
or how getting the same thing over an over again is sometimes just what the doctor ordered


So, nobody wrestled. Nobody went missing for a serious stretch of time. Nobody (that we know) puked in public or had sex with someone they weren't married to. Still, PIB '06 had its moments. Here's what I remember (and have proof of), click on the pics, they get real big like:

We've been on the island maybe 10 minutes and decorum is already out the window as shirts immediately come off. Shortly after, Barlow and Ted high five in agreement over the fact that Mannequin is the best movie ever.
Ted displays the latest in manscaping technology. Later he'll strip down to a speedo and belly flop into the jam-packed pool. A lot of 'that guy's really ripped' are mistakenly thrown out along the way.
Proof that we are actually on an island. Also where after a pleasant waterfront dinner, we have a 20 minute discussion on itching and scratching. Stov, refusing to believe the differences between men and women, continually screams 'You can't tell me your butthole never itched.'
This is just to show the closest I got to a woman all weekend. Score.
This is just to show what a happily married couple looks like after spending some 'quality' time together. In the bathroom. And notice the dribble stain on Barlow's shirt. We'll come back to that later.
And here's a married couple 7 months after spending some 'quality' time together. Kiki get's the all-time ultimate PIB trooper for showing up. She even stayed out as long as Lewis did Saturday night.
I think this was an attempt to 'fling' a bucket off one's head without using your hands. Of course I can't be sure.
Here's our PIB '06 poster boy shot. So happy, yet so rude. Welcome to PIB.
Teddy recreates General Oliver 'Hazard' Perry's victory over the British. He proclaims 'We have met the buckets, and they are ours.'
Notice the stains on Barlow's shirt. That is all.
I'm sure this was an attempt at some sort of commentary by Stov, juxtaposing Rodan's 'Thinker' pose with a Roundhouse bucket. Or he's having trouble holding his head up. Again, hard to say.
2am Saturday. Empty cans and chicken carcasses. This is taken shortly after I steal a bite of Stov's dinner roll and he goes ape shit on me, punching me in the arm several times and throwing the dinner roll at me at hitting me right between the eyes. He bitterly reminds me 'Respect the dinner roll.'


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